Just updated my autograph collection page! Today I added all autographs which I have bought online from various sources. They all can be seen below the Celebration Europe II autographs on this page: http://www.home-of-boushh.com/?page_id=809

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010-Carrie Fisher-Princess Leia as Boushh

This was preordered at Official Pix when they were offering a private signing with Carrie. In fact this was my first Star Wars autograph. It is bigger than 8×10, so my scanner wasn’t able to grab the full picture.

012-Shannon McRandle-Mara Jade

Shannon McRandle – also known as Shannon Baksa – was picked by Lucasfilm to represent Mara Jade in photos taken for the Star Wars card game.

018b-Warwick Davis-Multiple (back)

Warwick was giving out signed fan cards like this for free to random people picked from the audience at Celebration Europe II when he interviewed them. My wife and me both wanted to have one of these, but weren’t able to get one at Celebration Europe. So I started to search everywhere online and even tried to holla at Warwick personally on Twitter and Facebook. But he gets so many messages there and tbh I’m not even sure if he really runs this accounts himself or not. But obviously I was able to get one of these signed fan cards for free (plus even a 2nd free one for my wife) from www.thesignatureshop.co.uk. They have a really good customer service. OK, I had to buy one item from the store, so I bought a Warwick Davis as Wicket autograph, but then the 2 signed fan cards were added for free. Amazing! 🙂

016-Bai Ling-Senator Bana Breemu

Bai Ling recorded some scenes for Return of the Sith as Senator Bana Breemu. There are various reasons/rumours floating around the net trying to explain why her scenes were cut for the final movie. I’m not sure what the reason was, but since she’s a character from a deleted scene, I’m really glad to have this piece in my collection.