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usually I only blog about my newest acquisitions, but today I want to talk about something completely different. Today it’s all about: the man Kim Simmons. If you don’t know him by now, he is the man who took many of the photos for Kenner’s packaging, sales slides and those images used for internal use of all the different figures / spaceships / packaging / prototypes / whatever-you-name it. He has had all the sought after prototypes in hand, to name a few: Rocket firing Boba Fett, the black cape + golden belt Squidhead and red cape Bib Fortuna. I can remember all kinds of ads from my childhood that made me tell my parents that we need to go to the city NOW to get all the different figures. And he’s also responsible for the photos that were used on the packaging of our beloved toys of Star Wars up through 2000. Until this day I remember standing in front of the toy shop, looking at the box of the B-Wing, wishing I could own one to recreate the scenes pictured on that box. But unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to have one. (Side note: Now that I’m grown up, of course I have fixed this. ;))

Kim goes by a nickname: TheManwhoshotLukeSkywalker. This very cool nickname was first given to Kim in the first edition of the Star Wars Galaxy Collector magazine. I own a copy and I can only encourage you to grab a one too if you are interested in Kim’s work. Among other interesting things, in the interview in this magazine he talks about setting up the shot below:

Some of you who know me to some extent or have followed my blog for a while, you know that I became addicted to Kim’s work and have started a small collection. Sometimes I’m lucky and some of his work becomes available for sale, but unfortunately this doesn’t happen very often. I am trying to acquire everything that I can get my hands on, but sometimes other people are just faster than me and I believe that a lot of stuff is sold ‚behind the curtain‘ and not in public so to speak. Since I have started collecting I have missed out on a few occasions, much to my demise. So far I have acquired 3 8×10″ transparencies and 16 35mm slides that Kim produced back in the days and I’m proud to own them. As I’m writing about 20 new items are on their way to me, but much to your surprise maybe these are not Star Wars related. 🙂 (Hints can already be found on my blog.)

The coolest thing about Kim is, that until to this day he is still passionate about his old work too, just the same way as we collectors are, and he will email you with answers to some of those questions you have had. He has painstakingly done as many high-res scans as he could and archived most, if not all, photos he took in the past. Plus if you have film that was sold to you, if you loan it to him he will more then likely give you a serious discount on a print you order when he returns your film. He offers a great service: You can buy prints of his work in different sizes, so for example you could display them together with your focus figure or print a poster of a pic used in your favorite ad from the past and hang it on your wall. You can view a selection of prints you can get on his website, so head over there now and take a look: http://themanwhoshotlukeskywalker.com/. If you don’t find that image you have been looking for, don’t despair and show no fear, there is a huge chance that Kim can provide you that print. Simply head over to his Facebook page and leave a comment – Kim will read it and help you out: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Themanwhoshotlukeskywalker/423659341026868?fref=ts

As always – thanks for reading. 🙂

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  1. Kim D M Simmons

    WOW!!!! Dennis, when did you put this up? Just so you know Roy Frankenfield, who was my boss, actually took the first photo’s but once I started working for him (1981), he basically stopped and left Star Wars for me to do. When I bought the Studio( lock-stock and inventory) in 1988 from Roy, I continued to shoot for Kenner but a little dry for a while, then it started back up and even though another photographer shot three packages from what I was told when it restarted, the Kenner Art director wanted me and asked me to shoot directly for Kenner/Hasbro, by passing the design studio. The line was the Powers of the Force 2 which eventually led to E1. Meanwhile I was also shooting the NERF line and anything else I was asked to do. One forgotten line I did was Steel, kind of cool line in my opinion but I am biased because I was asked to do the signature image over a weekend-I will send you a low res sometime. One think more, I am hoping to have a new website soon. I met a serious geek at the Cincinnati Star Wars Summer Social and he offered to help me create a store, that way I can get ALL the images up eventually for people to wander thru. Sorry you missed out on the 93 1:1 or the Original 12 print up front but there are still 25 93 1:1 prints available but understand they are HUGE. Being in NY, might be the size of your apartment/condo.

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