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Star Wars Proposal – About the love of my life (Archive)

My Star Wars Proposal 🙂

Straight out of my secret Star Wars playbook – how to do a Star Wars Proposal. 🙂

Han Solo  Boushh  Chewbacca

1. Commission an Australian Cartoonist ( to draw a picture of you proposing to the most gorgeous girl in the world – of course, based on your favorite scene from Star Wars.
2. Prepare a page just like this one here on your blog.
3. Print a QR code pointing her here to this page.
4. Prepare an envelope, tricking her to believe it is from someone else when she sees it.
5. Put the QR code into the envelope.
6. Be all like: „Wtf is that envelope? Wait a minute, where is that coming from? Oh, there’s a QR code in it? Oooh, I would like to see what happens if you scan it!“
7. Hope she scans it.
8. Watch her face.
9. At the right time drop to your knees and pop the question.
10. Hope she says „Yes!“.

UPDATE 2012/01
She was ‚afraid‘ and didn’t want to scan the code herself, so I had to do it for her. Which was a blessing because I had the chance to let the website load without her seeing the URL on the screen because that would have given away that the code links to my website up front.
But more important: SHE SAID YES! 🙂

Thanks to BlueDog for the great drawing. If you fancy a drawing of yourself, you should visit his website. Well, visit it anyhow, it’s fun.

UPDATE 2017/10
In case you wonder: Still together and happy. 🙂

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