I want to play a game. (re-read that part with Zodiac’s voice in mind, you know, that guy from the movie Saw)

The game is called – spot the difference! So let’s get straight to the point – hint: It’s no hollow tubes variant!

If you were able to spot the difference you are good at telling variants apart. The left one has dark brown straps, while the right one has light brown straps. See below for close-ups (dark brown straps first, light brown straps seconds).

SW00115 01 #LF# [Hong Kong] !Sculpt 3-Dark Brown Straps-Dark Brown Hands! ?Tusken Raider?
SW00115 02

SW00116 01 #LF# [Hong Kong] !Sculpt 4-Light Brown Strap-Brown Hands! ?Tusken Raider?
SW00116 02