The below sticker is said to come directly from Gary Kurtz, when he held an auction at the Lucasfilm Skywalker Ranch.

The triangular design shows McQuarrie’s conceptual idea of Luke in front of  planet Yavin. The idea for this design came from the original title for the draft skript: Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode I: The Star Wars.

Similar stickers can be seen in many behind-the-scnees shots, attached to scripts and other paperwork from the early production stages and most notably also on the panavision magazines in which the film was stored.

This is the the larger version cast and crew sticker which George Lucas created in 1976. It is in fact the very first item to introduce the Star Wars title. This was back when the working title was still „The Star Wars“, before it was changed to „Star Wars“ later on. A smaller version of the sticker was also produced, but the larger one is the harder one to get.