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This arrived at my doorstep today and I’m very glad to have it. It is a Palitoy Land Speeder. Yeah, I know, I’m pointing out the obvious here. But anyhow, it is special in different kind of ways. If you only know the Kenner version of this box, please take a closer look at the box first. See the difference? The artwork is totally different. And so is the Land Speeder, the Kenner version has a button up front which opens the hood if pressed. The Palitoy version doesn’t have the button and the hood doesn’t open at all.

SW00026 07

When I started collecting (about a year ago at the time of writing) I didn’t even know about this variation. When I found out about it earlier this year, the hunt was on. It seems they are a lot rarer than their Kenner counterparts. I scored an NRFB Kenner one easily, but it took quite a while to get my hands on this one here. I was even considering buying a loose one on the go, but I’m glad that I waited until I got ‚the real deal‘. Now that I have this in my collection I think I will be on the lookout for more boxed Palitoy items as I really like that they are different.

SW00026 02

The only downside is that it came without the cardboard inserts and without any booklets. Any information about if the cardboard inserts are exactly the same as for the Kenner version or if there was any kind of paperworks included with the Palitoy version, please feel free to leave a comment, it is highly appreciated.

Thanks for looking.

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  2. Pete

    Thanks for answering my question… as to why my landspeeder doesn´t look like the other ones I´ve seen–I bought it in France, so it would be a Palitoy. No box, unfortunately, but still cool and retro. Any idea what it could be worth? the hover shifter still works… Thank you for your post.

    1. Dennis Autor des Beitrags

      Hi and sorry for the delayed reply. I appreciate your comment and am glad that you like the post. 🙂
      The question what it is worth is not easy to answer, I have seen boxed ones go for 5-8x the price of a Kenner boxed Landspeeder (about 300 Euro). I was very lucky to get the 2 boxed ones I own for around 70-90 Euro. Prices for loose ones I haven’t followed really, but I would assume they go for slightly more than there Kenner counterparts.

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