Only recently I learned that Plo Koon was portrayed by 2 actors in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Alan Ruscoe and Matt Sloan. I don’t know why, but somehow I thought it was only Alan Ruscoe. By the way, in Star Wars Episode III: Return of the Sith, it was only Matt Sloan.

More about Matt Sloan and his involvement in Star Wars here:

 069-Matt Sloan-Plo Koon

Bought from Coolwaters Nov. 21st 2013. This photo is called „Yotts Oren’s Death“. Somewhere I read that his photo was taken by Corey Dee Williams, who wanted to take a picture of his father. It is by pure coincidence that Julius LeFlore can be seen in this shot. This is what makes this picture very special in my opinion.

More about Julius LeFlore and his involvement in Star Wars here:

077-Julius DeFlore-Yotts Oren