Hey fellow readers,

haven’t blogged in a while, but fear not, I am not gone. 🙂 I’m back with something I am really, really proud of having in my collection. An NSW LL 8D8. Wtf is that you ask? NSW stands for ’non-sonic welded‘, meaning the figure has not gone through the process of sonic welding, so the front and back of the torso are not ‚glued‘ together so to speak. To be a little more precise, this figure consists of unused (and in this case even unpainted) parts. These unused parts are also called ‚overstock parts‘. And LL stands for Lili Ledy of course. There are not many legit complete examples floating around, I heard of 2 so far (mine being one of them). Given the source, I got it from I am 100% sure that all parts are legit.

And here it is:


Assembled (front)

Assembled (back)