Phil LaMarr is a true voice wonder. He voiced so many different characters on Clone Wars, it seems unreal. With such a talent I assume he will also be back for Star Wars: Rebel. Below is a list of all the voices he was credited for on Clone Wars:

– Kit Fisto
– Tactical droid
– Amit Noloff
– Orn Free Taa
– Bail Organa
– Philo
– Senate guard
– TI-99 tactical droid
– TX-20
– Senate Guard #2
– Gume Saam
– Alderaan guard
– Brother Lemcke
– Quarren Soldier #1
– Chieftain Pieter
– Death Watch Soldier #1

More about Phil LaMarr and his involvement in Star Wars here:

038-Phil LaMarr-Prestor Bail Organa