This time I want to showcase my newest additions: First of all I got an excellent Jabba’s Palace diorama from my friend Bram from the UK which he custom made for me. The detail and work he put into it are really amazing, I saw pics of it before it came to me, but it looks a lot more amazing in person. And as if that wasn’t enough already, I got 3 Boushhs along with it, one of which I bought from Bram, the other 2 Boushhs were a free gift. Wow! In addition, I again scored 2 new Lili Ledy Boushhs. Yes, I just can help it, I see a Mexican Boushh and I’m all over it. Last but not least, I can also add 2 new Lando Calrissian Skiff Guards to my collection, one of which is Lili Ledy too.
By the way, all of the figures come with original accessories, even the staffs/vibro axes are included, they are just not pictured here.

hat better way is there to show off my new Boushhs/Lando Calrissian Skiff Guards standing in the new diorama? P.S.: Because of all the excitement it seems I forgot to take a full shot of the diorama, oh well.


Leia, about to release Han.
Look at all the little details, amazing.

Hohohoho… I can literally hear him laugh…

From left to right:
Hong Kong COO, No COO, Taiwan COO, Lili Ledy, Lili Ledy

Left: Lili Ledy, right: No COO