I jump on a lot of trains when it comes to Star Wars, but for quite long I have successfully avoided the autograph train. That was all subject to change when Star Wars Celebration Europe II came to Essen, a town in Germany, earlier this year. The line up wasn’t anything too special for the seasoned autograph veteran, but since I didn’t have any Star Wars related autograph before, I felt like a little boy in a candy store. I wanted one of everything. So I preordered quite a lot autograph tickets, 28 in total, some doubles and triples (i.e. Dickey Beer had photos to sign for 4 (!) different characters, John Morton had photos for 2 different characters). I even got a ticket each for the „big names“, like Mark Hamillton, Carrie Fisher and Ian McDiarmid. At first I wanted to have at least one signed photo of each character, but in the end I decided to skip a few charachters (like Tim Rose as puppeteer of Salacious Crumb) and even a few names completely, like Ben Burtt (I already had a CVI signed photo in my collection) and Toby Philpott. I really regret this decision now. I have started to look for CE II signatures which I skipped and was able to find some, but it seems some of them are really tough to get. A CE II Toby Philpott for example went on eBay for over $100 and I wasn’t willing to pay that much.

I have to say that CE II event changed quite a lot on the autograph collectiong front for me. But I think I still have to find my focus. Until now I have a bit of everything, original trilogy, new trilogy, Clone Wars, production crew… It’s just impossible to get everything, even more because sadly a lot of people from the old trilogy have passed away. It was really fun meeting all the actors and that is also the reason why I will always choose to acquire a signature myself over buying it online, but for some signers you don’t get to choose or at least as German you don’t get to choose, as some signers will only sign in other countries.

Today I created a new page for you to see all the autographs which I have in my collection. Currently the most of them were acquired by myself at Celebration Europe II. Some were bought online, the ones bought online from CE II were bought from trusted persons who volunteered for OfficialPix. The link to the new page is at the bottom of this post, but now I would like to elaborate a little on some of the autographs here, to share a little bit of my experiences with you:

001-Paul Blake-Greedo

Paul Blake really liked the shirt I was wearing that day. It was black with write letters reading: „Trust me, I’m a Jedi.“

009-John Morton-Dak Ralter

John Morton really was one of my personal highlights at this event. He wouldn’t stop talking in German, which I thought was really nice of him. He signed a Bespin Boba Fett photo for me first and asked to write a German phrase on it, but I said I wanted it in English. Then he signed this Dak Ralter photo for me and again asked to put a German phrase on it and I agreed. He was very happy and that in turns made me happy. He said I was the first at the event to have a German phrase on his photo (it was very early on the 1st signing day).

024-Gerald Home-Tessek

Gerald Home does quite a lot for the fans. He is a member over at forum.rebelscum.com and continously delivers quality background information to the fans. Also one of my personal highlights to have met him in person and I hope I can meet him many times again.

020-Mark Hamill-Luke Skywalker

Standing only 1 meter away from the Jedi himself is very impressive. I mean, he’s everybody’s hero from the past, right? He took his time with every person and had a short chat, just I had bad luck. There was a woman in front of me who didn’t stop babbling with him, so all I got was a short smile from him and I had to leave. Still a great experience, even though I think not everyone can understand.

022-Carrie Fisher-Priness Leia

The princess was, just as Paul Blake, fond of my t-shirt. She made me stretch the shirt so she could read it and once she read it, she smiled back at me.

Here is the link to my new page, which is also accessible via the top menu: http://www.home-of-boushh.com/?page_id=809
Hope you enjoy.