My vintage Star Wars film collection (35mm slides + transparencies) (Archive)

Update 2013-04-24
I was able to acquire a set of 11 interesting slides.
1st slide shows Kenner’s show rooms of Star Wars toys (left side) and Six Million Dollar Man (right side), photographed at the 1978 New York Toy Fair. The seller further stated „The only photo published of the Star Wars Showroom shows attendees visiting in the showroom area, as shown in the 1978, #3 issue, of the now defunct Future magazine. My slide shown here has no attendees covering the view of the showroom. I believe that this photo was taken by the Future magazine photographer and was not used by the magazine and passed on to Kenner.“

Vintage Star Wars slide @

2nd slide shows a Star Wars Showroom Display at the same New York Toy Fair in 1978.

Vintage Star Wars slide @

Slides 3-7 show a Star Wars diorama. The slides are marked and I assume the markings say that they have been taken in 1978. Also marked with the letters „PL“. Not sure what that means, but maybe I can find out later. Any lead to where these pics were used is appreciated. The seller told he had found these together in a box with all the others.

Vintage Star Wars slide @

Vintage Star Wars slide @

Vintage Star Wars slide @

Vintage Star Wars slide @

Vintage Star Wars slide @

Slides 8-11 are most likely another set of reference slides. The seller told me that he had found these together in the same box with the other 7 slides. This could mean that these have been used to give a preview of planned toys or maybe just as fillers? Guess we’ll never know.

Vintage Star Wars slide @
Only slide of these 4 without any marking.

Vintage Star Wars slide @
Marked ‚274‘ and ‚2‘.

Vintage Star Wars slide @
Marked ‚M-2‘ and ‚No retouch‘

Vintage Star Wars slide @
Marked ‚331‘ and ‚X-Wing in Hangar‘

Update 2012-08-11
3 uploads of 2 photos I have been sitting on a while now and 35 new additions, hope you like them. 20 Glasslite reference slides (?) and 15 Ewok TV Series slides, maybe preprod? Unsure what they are to be honest.

If you have any detailed information about the slides (where were they used, etc), feel free to comment here, I will then update this page for future reference. I will drop any knowledge that I have/gather here too. To be honest my knowledge on some of the photos is limited, but I’m trying to find out as much as I can.

For starters… this is the sad look of my slides on „display“. Transparencies will decay if light falls through them. So I got this box from my dad. That’s the reason why I definitely need printouts of most of the slides. 🙂

Update 2012-08-11 8×10 photo art
First of all, I finally uploaded my 8×10 photo arts. Sorry for the watermarks…

A negative 8×10 shot of the Shuttle. This is close to the shot that has been used for the production box, but it’s not quite it. I discussed this with Kim Simmons (the original photographer). Even on the production shot you can see the circuits in the back (see next pic for better detail), but they have been airbrushed later.

Same as above, but digitally color corrected.

I was told that most of the figs on it are pre prod. But tbh I am not sure about this statement. Still it’s a cool photo, a 8×10 positive.

New additions 2012-08-11 – Glasslite reference slides
The following 20 slides were sold to me as Glasslite reference slides and by the motives of some it indeed looks as if these were used for Glasslite cardback artwork. But they are marked as 1987, so… ?!?!?! But it’s quite obvious that this slides were used for some presentation (take a look at slide 20).

New additions 2012-08-11 – Ewok TV Series (Pre prod???) slides
Honestly I have little to no idea what they were used for. If anyone knows what these are, please speak up! Not sure if they are pre prod. This will obviously not be everyone’s faves, but this shows how diverse this field of collecting can be. Even though I don’t like the TV Show, I am glad that I was able to get this slides.
Info from tundra9 @SWFUK: The Ewok cartoon slides are character sheets, a presentation of what they look like, what their personality is like and such,
before the designers get the go-ahead to start filiming/animating. Somewhat like a filecard for each character.


This is interesting as this looks painted. Don’t know where this has been used…

Card fronts/Box art shots/Catalog art/Store display art

Very interesting as this seems to be the shot used for the production box. But notice the circuit boards in the back? These are the same circuit boards you can see in the back of my 8×10 negative shot which shows an earlier stage of this setup. The circuit board was airbrushed later. But why did they put them there in the first place?

Here you can clearly see that this was made for the store display.

Same as above, zoomed in.

Same as above, zoomed in even more.

This is obvious, this was used on the front of the Luke Jedi card. Anywhere else?
As pointed out by .Q. and JuniorChubb @SWFUK this pic has been used quite a lot, sometimes flipped over and touched up by hand with airbrush. Can be found as a jigsaw puzzle for example.
Info courtesy of søren @SWFUK: „This one i think is in the ROTJ read a long book. But i think it is mirroed? It is also on a puzze and a colloring book i think.“

I really like this slide as it tells some kind of story. Trouble is: I don’t know yet which story it tells. 😉 But I’m sure that I can find out eventually. One thing is certain, this has been used for the front of the AT-AT Commander. And maybe the writing on the left (5″) marks the area that they used on the card? Not 100% sure though.
Info courtesy of søren @SWFUK: „This one was also used as a store display by Kenner.“

This has been photographed and the beams have been applied afterwards using airbrush. It was used on a store display as revealed by tiefighterboy @SWFUK, thanks for the info. 🙂
Info courtesy of søren @SWFUK: „This was also taken by Kim Simmons. I have some where an artikel in a mag about him and his shots for Kenner. There is a birds eye view of this shoot. Note also that the Snowspeeders and X-wings are from the Micro collection. This was done to make prespective in the shoot.“

This is one of my favorites. Not only for the motive, but also for the story the slide tells again. What does it tell us?
9-81 Kim + Roy“ -> Photo taken in September by Kim Simmons + Roy shawn_k @SWFUK pointed out that this is not the same pic as on the ROTJ Jabba’s Playset production box (see 2 posts below this). Jabba and Salacious are clearly PreProd figures. Also the order that the figures have been arranged is different, although the participants are the same.
Info courtesy of søren @SWFUK: „Have a look at jabba’s pipe, bowls and his throne. They have white collor and the throne is a different size and shape.
And it is mirrored as well.“

I like to call this a „hybrid“ (remark, this is totally made up by myself). I think these have been sent to Kenner at one point as reference slide, but they have also been used for box art / card art. For example this one has been used for the front of the ROTJ Max Rebo Band MOC/box (whatever that packaging type is called) and I think also for the front of the Lando Skiff guard card. This has also been used on front of a ROTJ coloring book.
Anywhere else?

Looks like a double of the one above, but if you look closely you can see that this one is zoomed in a little more. Interesting thing about this is that this is labeled A8, while the other one is labeled 8A.

Kenner internal/retailer meetings

Since this reads „GM Sales“ it’s obvious that this was used during a General Mills Sales meeting. Jawa and Yoda on Hoth? Go figure. 😆

Catalog shots (?)

One of my favorites. Used in 1985 European POTF Catalog ([url][/url]). Anywhere else?

If not all, almost all ESB figures together. Maybe used for a Kenner catalog?

Used for a Kenner catalog maybe?

Micro Playset Death Star Compactor. Think it was used for a retailer presentation and/or catalog.

Think this was used in ads too. Who knows which?

Death Star Space Station. As far as I know have those pictures been used in ads and to present new toys to retailers before they hit the market. (Anybody have references in which ad this was used, please let me know.)

Thanks to Josh I’m now aware that this seems to be some kind of prototype / mock up Ewok Village.
I’m not 100% sure about it, but maybe JuniorChubb @SWFUK is right about the Squid Head being the same prototype as seen on the Jabba the Hutt Action Playset photo.

This was used on the ROTJ AT-AT production box. Thanks to RebelChris @SWFUK for pointing this out.

Alternate shots

This is similar to the photo that has been used on the ESB AT-ST box. Kim Simmons calls this a „first shot“.

LFL Reference Slides
I will not write a lot about these individual slides unless I think there’s something special to say about it. I buy those when I get the opportunity, but I’m more interested in product shots and photos that have been used in ads on packaging.
If you know where the following have been used, please let me know though.

I would categorize this as a LFL reference slide, not sure though? (Reference slides were sent to Kenner from Lucas Film so they had some kind of reference on how they will look in the movie.)
Info courtesy of søren @SWFUK: „This was used in the ESB read a long book. And i also think in the ESB picture/text book with Vader on the front.“

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