This is my little happy ending because a couple of weeks ago on the TIG forum (The Imperial Gunnery) I saw that somebody sold an unpainted Lili Ledy Nien Numb. Well, to be more precise he sold unpainted and non-sonic welded parts of a Nien Numb. I took my time to decide if I wanted to buy it, unfortunately for me, somebody else was faster to decide and took the chance. I was a bit mad at myself, to be honest after that.

Only a few weeks later the very same unpainted Numb came up for sale again. And this time I didn’t think, I acted. 🙂 And so, in the end, I finally got it and get to show it to you now.

Basically, this are all unpainted Lili Ledy overstock parts, which can be put together to a complete figure – see below.
Oh, btw: If you don’t know „The Imperial Gunnery“ click >here< and register if you like, it’s a nice forum.



Closeup of face