My Droids line collection (Archive)

This is a group shot of my current figures:

Vintage Kenner Droids figure @

So this makes 7 out of 12. Missing: Boba Fett (Droids version has a special blaster variant), Thall Joben, C-3PO, Tig Fromm, Sise Fromm.

Pics of each figure:


A few words about accessoires:

The one above is the IG-88 rifle which is very common. The one below is the rifle that came with Jann Tosh. They used the same mould, but it is cast in black, rather than blue plastic. These black rifles are extremely hard to find.
Be careful when you’re looking for a Jann Tosh as some tools try to pass off the IG-88 as ‚legit‘ rifle. While of course in some terms it is legit, it is not matching the figure.

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