My 5 seconds of fame @ Celebration Europe II


Don’t expect too much and please don’t take the title too serious! I still enjoyed that little moment very much and thought it would be nice to share it with you.

At Celebration Europe II they offered a neat service: The audience was able to post questions to the people on stage via Twitter. If you were lucky enough, your question was raised by Warwick Davis. Obviously, I was lucky enough as you can see below. 🙂
I have to admit that my question was not a masterpiece, but I asked it for the fun of it, which – so it seems – the crowd liked. But by the looks on Femi Taylor’s face, you can tell that she didn’t like it that much. I liked Tim Rose’s response to that question though.

On stage at that time were:
Warwick Davis (Celebration Stage host), Tim Rose (Salacious Crumb, Jabba), Shawn Crawford (Yak Face), Gerald Home (Squid Head), Toby Philpott (Jabba), Mike Edmonds (Jabba), Femi Taylor (Oola), Tim Dry (Tooth Face).