I have received 2 parcels yesterday. One came from Hunter Toys in the UK and one from Australia.

Let’s start with a story about the parcel from Australia. 2 days ago. I figured that it was about time that the parcel had arrived, but since it didn’t I tracked it. The last status update was almost 20 days ago and it read that it was received in Frankfurt, Germany. Then nothing happened. I feared the worst and sent an eMail to the German carrier. (My eMail has yet to be answered by the way…) And presto alakazam on the same day the status of the parcel was updated twice. First, it left the distribution center in Frankfurt, then it reached the next distribution center which was an indicator for it being delivered yesterday. It arrived eventually and I am very glad that it did.

Enough blabla, I’ll let the pics do the talking:

It’s not that I don’t like items like that, but usually, I don’t go for anything like that because there are a lot of other items to be had beforehand. But I had to have it for 2 reasons:

1. The carry case is in pristine condition.
2. Feast your eyes on the inlay which shows the Boba Fett we never had …

I really like that. More information and pics about the Boba Fett here: Original „Kit-bashed“ Boba Fett Prototype v1@theswca.com
Update: I just learned that there was a 2nd Version of that Boba Fett: Original „Kit-bashed“ Boba Fett Prototype v2@theswca.com

2nd parcel from UK case as I mentioned before from Lee of Hunter Toys, UK! And in it was:

A boxed Palitoy Land Speeder. 🙂 A boxed Palitoy Land Speeder? Seriously? Are you wondering if I’m trying to fool you? I already posted one I picked up not so long ago (Clicky here) and yes, I now got a 2nd one. First I’m looking for one for a very long time and now they come around like buses, every hour, on the hour, it’s crazy.
The box of the other one I have is a little nicer, still, I’m very happy. By the way, Hunter Toys has sent it over very quickly and well packed. 🙂

Thanks for looking. Btw, new stuff is imminent. 🙂

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