Hi and welcome fellow collectors. Today marks a major milestone in my collecting career, I’m glad to add a ‚Blue Snaggletooth‘ to my collection, or how we collectors say in short: ‚Blue Snag‘.

Blue Snaggletooth @ http://www.home-of-boushh.comBlue Snaggletooth @ http://www.home-of-boushh.com

Blue Snaggletooth @ http://www.home-of-boushh.com

I believe that no collection with loose figures is complete without one. For those who don’t know something about the background of the figure: It only came in a Kenner baggie in the Cantina Adventure Set playset, exclusively available at Sears. Kenner only had a low-quality b/w reference photo when and when they sculpted the figure they gave him a blue suit and made him the same size as most other figures of the 3/4″ line. They quickly corrected their mistake, but not fast enough, much to the collectors‘ joy.

At the time of writing, I am only missing a VCJ in my collection. Since there are too many fakes out there I will rely on a well-known source to get one.