Hi folks,

today I want to focus on the so-called ‚First Twelve‘. I am happy to have acquired a set of near mint examples of these, although my ‚Small Head Han‘ will need an upgrade, he has an ugly scar across his face.

Here’s a group shot of them on a vintage Action Display Stand:

Jawa @ http://www.home-of.boushh.com

Jawa: At the time of writing I only have one with a cloth cape, but there are also ones with a vinyl cape, similar to the vinyl capes of Obi-Wan.

Stormtrooper @ http://www.home-of.boushh.com

Stormtrooper: Only thing worth noting is that you should be alarmed if you see mint ones with a COO of Hong Kong / CMFGI 1977. They might be fake, more info on this here: Repro Stormtrooper @ TIG

Death Squad Commander @ http://www.home-of.boushh.com

Death Squad Commander: He was later renamed to ‚Star Destroyer Commander‘. People from the scene still use the name ‚Death Squad Commander‘ – or in short – DSC. I believe they do so because that name is bad-ass.

See Threepio (C-3PO) @ http://www.home-of.boushh.com

See Threepio: What you see is the first issue of the figure. They released a 2nd version when ‚The Empire strikes back‘ came out. The 2nd issue one had removable limbs and a backpack for Chewie to carry him.

Obi Wan Kenobi @ http://www.home-of.boushh.com

Ben Kenobi: I have the grey hair variation. To be honest I’m not 100% sure if the very first versions of Ben came with both grey and white hair. I may have to replace him with a white hair Ben later.

Darth Vader @ http://www.home-of-boushh.com

Darth Vader: Nothing much to tell about him.

Tusken Raider @ http://www.home-of.boushh.com

Sand People: Worth noting is the name of this figure. Initially, on the 12 backs it was called ‚Sand People‘ it was renamed ‚Sandpeople‘ on ESB card backs and eventually ‚Tusken Raider‘ on ROTJ card backs. Interestingly I have found that there is no common name the scene uses.

Luke Skywalker @ http://www.home-of.boushh.com

Luke Skywalker: Nothing much to say about him, only that he was released with at least 3 different hair colors (yellow, light brown, dark brown).

Small head Luke Skywalker @ http://www.home-of.boushh.com

Han Solo: What you see in the pic is the first issue of this figure with the small head. Kenner later changed the sculpt to one with a bigger head. It is said that the 2nd issue Han looks more than Harrison Ford, but the head is way oversized. I personally think both don’t look a lot like Harrison Ford, but I like the small head variation a lot more.

Artoo Detoo (R2D2) @ http://www.home-of-boushh.com

Artoo Detoo: There are 3 different issues of this figure by Kenner: The first one which you see above, which only has a ‚clicking‘ head. The 2nd one which came with a retractable sensor scope. You can most notably see that sensor scope in ESB when he is on Dagobah at the bottom of the swamp, trying to find his way out of there. And last but not least the 3rd one with a pop-up lightsaber. With this one, you can relive the scene in ROTJ, where R2 saves the day by shooting over the lightsaber to Luke.

Princess Leia Organa @ http://www.home-of-boushh.com

Princess Leia: Nothing to say about her highness.

Chewbacca @ http://www.home-of.boushh.com

Chewbacca: No major variations of this figure. Some people speak of a ‚green limb variation‘. I believe it is only a matter of discoloration.