Celebration Europe II will officially start tomorrow, but since I bought a VIP ticket, I thought I’d go there today because for VIP cardholders the Celebration Store was open already today. So I picked up my ticket, the ticket for my wife (she will only go on Saturday) and my bunch of OfficialPix autograph tickets (see below).

Before the Celebration Store opened I met a great guy who I know from Facebook, we talked about everything Star Wars, I also learned some interesting things from him. When the audience was finally allowed to enter the Celebration Store… I sneaked into the exhibition hall. Bad little me!

I will not post the pics here because they contain spoilers and I suggest that attendees stay clear. Others and those who don’t mind a spoiler or two can click below to take a glimpse. Hope you enjoy.


Also, you can follow me on Twitter as you never know when and what I might be tweeting over the weekend. 😉 (https://www.twitter.com/maniac79)

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