These were given out for free to people who attended the collector’s panels at Celebration Europe II in Germany, Essen this year. I only got one of these myself when I attended the German collector’s panel. I wasn’t able to attend all the others, because I have always been at the main stage to see all the different actors like Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, etc. So I had to get them from different sources afterwards.

But before I show you all the StarTots which you have probably already seen elsewhere, here is a very rare StarTots 3-Pack which was given out exclusively to CE II collecting track associates. (No, I wasn’t an assoiciate, but was lucky enough to buy one after CE II). Although it is almost not noticeable, the StarTots in this set are a little different to their common counterparts. The „linings“ on the StarTots are golden, instead of silver.

And here they are in the original CE II StarTots bin: