Hey fellow collectors, today I want to show you an item and I am very proud to add to my collection. A vintage Return of the Jedi shelf talker.

Here it is:

ROTJ has always been my favorite movie of the original saga. I guess this is why I like the ROTJ figures/playsets/boxes the most today. And that’s also why I am very proud that I got this shelf talker for my collection. (Always looking to buy more, if you got one for sale or have a lead, please leave a comment!)

Sadly the parcel was damaged during transit as you can clearly see here:

This damage to the parcel also damaged the otherwise very well packed up shelf talker. 🙁 See below:

Sadly I have to tell you that the damage is worse than it looks, I have already taped it to make it look better.

I was very upset that this happened although the shelf talker was packed up good enough. The seller is absolutely not to blame. So I have filled out an accident report and have sent it together with the damaged item to the German carrier for them to check. They made sure that their questions in the form are not easy to answer. And when I went to the first post office the man behind the counter didn’t know what to do and so I had to leave again with my parcel. So I had to drive to another post office the day after. Only 2 days after I had sent it away I got it back with the following „report“, at least I assume they think this is one.

ROTJ Shelf Talker Accident Report @ www.home-of-boushh.com

ROTJ Shelf Talker Accident Report @ www.home-of-boushh.com

Basically, it says that the item was not packed up good enough. I think differently. Now what? This two pager is all that I have received from them. No information what I should do if I don’t agree… And how can this be a legit report if it isn’t signed by anyone?

I’m very mad at the German carrier (DHL in this case) and their methods.

Please, if any of you know what I can do about DHL in this situation, please leave a comment.

Enough with the bickering, even though it is damaged now I am still glad to own it. It looks great on my shelf where I display my ROTJ boxed items.

Although I told the seller that DHL is to blame and that it was not due to his packaging, the seller has sent me a partial refund of 50%. I am kind of speechless, don’t know what to say.