It’s getting late, so here are some quick impressions from today.

Socializing/Meeting friends: CE II is a great place to meet your friends or people you have traded with before. I met some guys from the UK today and I was really looking forward to meeting them. They came over in a fantastic camper van (they are calling it „The Falcon“ :)). We only had an hour before the show and somehow managed to miss each other throughout the whole day, but I’m looking forward to hooking up with them again tomorrow. 🙂 Will even meet more guys tomorrow, from Belgium, Germany and at least one more from the UK, it’ll be fun!

Autograph hall: Stars like Tim Rose, Gerald Home, Femi Taylor don’t have long queues. Even Jeremy Bulloch was a quick win. I did not expect that. Once I had my first autograph, the remaining 27 came as quick as 1-2-3. For the megastars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Ian McDiarmid and Anthony Daniels I used my quick passes and that was really helpful as the queues were unbelievable long. Downside: Even though OfficialPix and the VIP Lounge concierge had informed me that the fast passes also work for the photo ops, it seems that this valuable information was not known to the photo ops team. So I left CE II in the end without a single photo op as I didn’t want to stand in line for that long. The remaining time slots for photo ops are all in parallel with panels I want to see, so it seems it will save me some money. Oh, btw, most of the actors were really nice, with most of them I also took a picture, this was prohibited for the mega stars of course because for them you would need to pay for the photo ops.

Artist show: Met some really nice and kind persons there, a nice moment was when I noticed that one of the artists (Corroney) draws covers for IDW (comic book publisher) – I did not know that before. Below is a pic of Brian Rood signing my print.

Celebration Europe - Day 1

Exhibition hall: Freebies everywhere, 2 artists that for whatever reasons weren’t part of the ‚official‘ artist show (Matt Busch + Lin Zy) had their booth in the exhibition hall. They gave out freebies throughout the day and I was able to score all 3. 🙂 I also scored all 6 of MintInBox’s Bounty Hunter art prints, so in the end, I also got the limited edition (500 pieces) box to put the prints in. Nice! Hasbro, of course, had a booth too and you already saw the SDCC/CE II exclusive Boba Fett – had to get two of them, one to keep sealed and one to display. You can also take a look at some great costumes, but wait… what did this one do there? We’ll never know, but the costume was great anyhow.

More pics, but only a quick selection of a few, here:
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