Again only got a few minutes to write this, so without any further undue:
Today I had a lot more time to walk around the exhibition hall since I picked up all my autographs and preorders already yesterday and again saw a lot of awesome/hilarious costumes today. It was fantastic to go around and being able to finally have a good look at every booth, but at times that was difficult to manage, as today there were like A LOT more visitors at the show than yesterday. One could barely look at all the single booths. Of course, I checked the prices for vintage Kenner stuff and, well, let’s say, I didn’t buy a single vintage thing, the prices were just over the top and that was also the impression of all my fellow forum friends.

So what else happened today? Kathleen Kennedy was on stage to talk about the future of Star Wars. Of course, there wasn’t too much given away, but she announced that John Williams will be back for Episode 7-9, which I guess is a good thing. Later Dave Filoni came on stage to talk about their new animated TV show: Star Wars – Rebels, he showed some McQuarrie concept art and explained how they wanted to incorporate that style into the show. Then he showed some of their work and yes, they managed to imitate McQuarrie’s style quite well, I really liked it and it seems so did the rest of the audience. Really looking forward to this. I was hoping that they will at least show a short teaser trailer, but they didn’t. What he did show though was the logo of Star Wars – Rebels and it was enough to make the crowd go crazy. (see link at the bottom of this page for the logo)

Another fun moment was between the shows on the Celebration Stage when I met Mark Daniel (an amazing host to have over here in Europe) and DJ Lobot for a quick picture, again, the pic can be seen if you follow the link at the bottom of this page.

The last guest on the Celebration Stage today was Carrie Fisher. It was the first time I saw her live on stage and I found it quite entertaining to watch her joke around with Warwick Davis. A great moment worth mentioning of her stage time was when they re-played live on stage the part in which Wicket and Princess Leia first met in ROTJ. It was so awesome, so hilarious when Warwick made all those funny Ewok noises and they clearly had a great time performing it. At the end of the show, Warwick asked Carrie some questions which had been sent in by visitors via Twitter. And that was the greatest moment for me so far at CE II because they actually read out my question and the whole audience was able to see it on screen – that was so awesome. I was so thrilled, so amazed, that I totally forgot to take a picture of it, even though I had the camera right in my hands. DOH! (Btw, my question was: „Have you actually ever kissed a Wookie?“ and then she said: „Well, you have to ask Peter Mayhew and then she admitted: „Yes, I did!“)

Besides all that hilarious and awesome today stuff I finally managed to attend a collector’s panel and it was the one about German collectibles. I really enjoyed that and even though I knew most of the stuff already if not all, it was exciting to see this presentation. At the end of each collector’s panel, they handed out little collectibles, called Star Tots. A pic of the 2 Star Tots in my possession plus the limited edition display stand is in the link at the bottom of this page. My wife was on the panel with me, so when we walked out of the panel I had a double of  Imperial Gunner Star Tot, so I was looking to trade it. CE II closed at 19:00, but that was not the end of today. A lot of visitors went into the city of Essen for a „Cantina Crawl“ and I’m sure they had lots of fun. My wife and I drove home to have something for dinner and later on we drove back to Essen, we arrived just in time at 23:00 when the vintage collector’s fun really started. Vintage room sales at the Atlantic Congress Hotel – amazing stuff to be seen there, just as an example, about 20-30 cm away from me someone held a MOC DT saber Darth Vader. Drop that one and you can start by selling your car to pay that off, tbh not exactly my cup of tea, but amazing nonetheless. The 2nd greatest thing for me personally at CE II happened only a few minutes later when I looked to my left and saw a familiar face. I didn’t even have time to think, if I did, I think I would have just kept quiet, but I like the average Star Wars geek/fan was only able to say out loud: „Dave…“ and Mr. Filoni answered: „Hi man, how ya doin‘?“. Then he shook my hand before passing by, just to buy some cardbacks from a fellow forum member called mr_palitoy. Can you believe that? I couldn’t, but in the end, it seems he is a collector just like we are.

Celebration Europe - Day 2 (vintage room sales)

So, enough babbling, here are the pics of today, enjoy:

Tomorrow will be the last day of CE II, be sure to follow me on Twitter because I might tweet some interesting stuff every now and then if it comes up. 🙂 (

P.S.: Another fun thing to do at a convention like this is to find people who give away/trade for their badges. I was able to acquire 3 badges as you can see in the link above. :))