Celebration Anaheim 2015 – First steps.



Hi dear readers,

today I invite you to laugh and cry with me. I think you know that Celebration Europe II in Germany Essen is only a few weeks away and that they announced that the next Celebration will be in April 2015 in Anaheim, USA. Tickets went on sale already on August 7th, 7 AM Pacific. Wow, selling tickets 1,5 years in advance, that’s cool, huh? Should be possible to get 2 VIP tickets then, right? There were 2 options for VIP tickets, the Jedi Master ticket (limited to only 50, $900, ouch!) and the Jedi Knight ticket (limited to 250, $450). With that price tag, especially for the Master, they better offer some hot stuff, right? Well, with 1,5 years lead time, they couldn’t give away too much yet, of course, I bet most of the stuff coming is unknown to everyone as of now. But there is no doubt that the tickets will be worth it, no matter if it is a Master or Knight ticket.

I aimed to get a Master and a Knight ticket. The Master ticket for me (Yeah, I’m selfish, so what?) and the Knight ticket for my wife (so that we can go to all panels together without the need to queue). If I shouldn’t be able to get a Master, I wanted at least 2 Knights to be happy. But with a price of $900 and 1,5 years lead time, I hoped that not many will be willing to buy the Master ticket now.
At 6:59 AM Pacific I started to refresh the official website (starwarscelebration.com) every 1-2 seconds. At 7:00 AM I refreshed, nothing changed, in the same second I refreshed again and my heart stopped beating: A NEW BUTTON!!! It read „Buy tickets now“ and in max. 1 second I clicked on it, ready to click as fast as I could, payment information ready, I wanted to make use of all my Jedi skills to get the VIP tickets before anyone else had the chance. But I was stopped by the following screen that showed up:


„Virtual queue“? WTF? The show has not started yet and I’m already queuing? Well, good thing that I will get VIP tickets then, as I hate queuing and with this fair system I should have a good chance as I pushed that button so fast. Time passed, I was still in the queue. 7:02 AM someone posted in a forum: „VIP tickets are gone already“. „Haha, that’s a good one, trying to startle us, huh? You’re not fooling me though.“. That’s what I thought. And I was certain that it could not be true, because (reminder): I clicked the button „Buy tickets now“ in less than 2 seconds after it became available, so I have to be close to the front of the queue. It took 6-7 minutes until I was allowed to proceed in the process. Next screen:


„These are not the tickets you are looking for.“ WTF??? So the guy on the forum was speaking the truth, all VIP tickets are gone already. Oh boy. Yes, I know there are far worth things that could happen and I should be glad that I’m healthy, the family is healthy and blah, well, you get the idea… Still, in this very moment, life really sucked, all that mattered in this moment was: I wanted VIP tickets and I wasn’t even close to getting them. For a brief moment, I was thinking if I should plan to go to Anaheim at all, as I can only imagine the queues I will have to stand in to get whatever I want. I snapped. But I came to my senses again real quick and then bought 2 4-day passes already. Yes, of course, it wasn’t really necessary to buy the 4-day passes now as they will not sell out soon if at all, but I wanted at least some kind of success after the VIP ticket incident. Only a few moments later:


2 4-day passes, some goodies and the option to already reserve rooms at a hotel. So, why not reserve rooms in the one closest hotel to the convention, before all good rooms are gone? (By the time of writing this article it was already clear to see that this was a wise step, Hilton, Marriott, and Clarion are already booked out as you can see in the screenshot above.)


I assume that the room sales will happen at the Hilton. Also as said before it is the closest hotel to the convention. So if I need to bring my goodies to a safe spot, I don’t have to travel far. Plus, with 4 stars, the Hilton is not the worse choice it seems, there is a fitness center, a nice bar, and a pool.
My wife and me will make a holiday out of this one, I guess we will be travelling at least for 2 weeks, meet some pen pals of my wife, travel to a place I have not been to in 15 years (Maryland, here I come) and then go to Disneyland Anaheim (which is just across the street from the convention center) and – of course – to Celebration.

Although I didn’t get the tickets as planned, I’m already very excited and looking forward to this vacation and especially to Celebration Anaheim. As this is the year we will also get the new movie, this Celebration is going to be epic, I can only imagine all the freebies/goodies/prints/signing guests/etc… And with 1,5 years to come until then, I still hope that I will be able to get VIP tickets along the way.