All my (single) Ledys… (Archive)

This is a group shot of my current MIM (Made in Mexico) Lili Ledy figures. I’m proud to say that all come with original Lili Ledy accessoires.

Some of my readers may know that two of my most beloved childhood figures are Leia in Boushh disguise and Lando in Skiff Guard disguise. I’m not exactly sure why, maybe because they came with helmets and so were more fun to play with? And still until today I dig them a little more than other figures. Anyhow, when it comes to LL (Lili Ledy) figures there are 2 figures that really grew on me over the past year: Bib Fortuna and Squid Head. The next pic shows my 2 LL Squid Heads:

I really like the LL Squid Head with his burgundy cape. He has some issues with the stitching on his collar on the right side, you can notice it if you take a close look at the pic. So I might be looking to upgrade him later next year. The one in the greyish cape has some minor paint rubs, but since he came a long way from Mexico, I don’t care too much.
Next one shows a Ree Yees and Bib Fortuna (green cape):

I’m glad to have the green cape Bib, but I’m looking forward to get a Bib with a burgundy cape. They are not easy to come by and demand a high price.
I can tell a kind of funny story about the LL Ree Yees. When I bought him the advertisement said: „Mint Lili Ledy Ree Yees weapon with free Lili Ledy Ree Yees“. I thought it was funny, but now I understand. The LL weapon can demand a high price on its own, but you can get weaponless Ree Yeess for a cheap price on eBay for example. Mine has a few paintrubs and it’s likely that I will upgrade him later on.
Next up: 2 LL Biker Scouts!

The left one was my 1st LL figure. They demand a fair amount of money on their own (at the time of writing about 25-35 GBP or 35-50 USD or 30-40 Euro). Interestingly enough an original LL Biker Scout blaster can cost a tad bit more than that on its own! For example I bought the right Biker Scout for 25 GBP and paid 36 USD for the blaster alone. Sadly the right one suffers a problem of what I think is a molding error, the thumb is a little too short and so he cannot hold the blaster in his right hand. But who says that some clones aren’t lefthanded? 😉
Now check my LL Princess Leia Organa in Boushh disguise and Lando Calrissian in Skiff digsuise:

You gotta love the Boushh, especially when she’s a Ledy. 🙂 She has some weird spots on her face, but I don’t care. The Lando Skiff is nearly perfect. I have another one which is missing a LL helmet. I was able to find a LL vibro axe recently, so I’m currently looking for a single helmet. Not an easy task.

Lili Ledy overstock unpainted Boushh torso. Nuff said.

Received my shipment straight out of Mexico today. 🙂

My 3rd LL Biker Scout, a nice Stormtrooper and Mr. Darkside himself, Lord Vader. All with original LL accessoires.

While most of you will find this boring, I think this is kind of neat. This is the box the Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Biker Scout have been sent to me straight from Mexico. 🙂

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    1. Dennis Autor des Beitrags

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂
      The collection has grown a little in the past weeks, just didn’t have the time to take pictures yet. Stay tuned.

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