I have to admit that at first, I didn’t realize what exactly I was looking at and – funny enough – even the seller wasn’t aware. At that time there were only 4 buzz words that mattered to me: Kenner, Transparency, Star, Wars. When I read the description for each of the 3 transparencies on eBay, I knew I had to have all 3.
However, after the auctions had been live for about 1 day, the seller found out what he had there and he updated his auctions. Afterwards, I wanted these transparencies even more. Unfortunately, there were people from all over the world I had to bid against and in the end I only scored 2 of them. I really dislike situations like this, because I feel such items shouldn’t be separated, I think they should stay together in one collection. But that’s the way it is.

Let’s take a closer look at what we have here.

The first picture is a closeup of the Power Spark X-Wing Fighter. Not really sure what that black thing is, but it looks as it can be used to wind up the toy somehow, maybe causing R2 to spin around? At least you can see that there’s a lot of motion blur where R2 is.

The second picture shows the prototype Power Spark AT-ST with all accessories it was supposed to come with – if the Power Spark would have been released. The silver thing in the back is used to reflect light, for photographic reasons.

The third picture I didn’t get shows a similar set up as the AT-ST picture, only with the X-Wing Fighter.

If you want to read more about the Power Spark toy line/prototypes, go here -> TheSWCA and here -> TheSWCA

I especially like this sentence from the post at TheSWCA: „In the cases of both figures and vehicles, the hardcopy pieces were fully decorated with paint and stickers, most likely for use in preliminary photography.“
I think so too. 🙂


Ein Gedanke an “Added to collection: Prototype Power Spark X-Wing & AT-ST… well, photos of them (straight from the Kenner vault).

  1. Chris G.

    Hi Dennis,

    I was researching the Power Spark line and found your transparencies. My guess is that Joe bought the other transparency in the auction to go with his items. I hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed your images for the write-ups on TheSWCA and gave you both image and ownership credit in each entry. The links you have are old (and I just killed them), but you can re-link to the entries in the database.

    I discovered that these were part of a released line of toys called Power Spark (not Sparks) and they are a lot newer than initially believed, but still pretty cool. Cheers!

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