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Hi, I am Dennis and one of my hobbies is collecting vintage toys from the old Star Wars action figure line by Kenner. I have been a fan ever since and actually I can prove that. The picture on the right is almost 30 years old and shows me playing with my Jabba Action Playset.

Years passed by and at one point I have lost interest into my childhood collection at one point. Or maybe it was just that I wanted to buy more games for my Gameboy and someone offered me 300 DM (Deutsche Mark) for my collection. I had one of almost every production figure ever made plus a lot of spaceships/creatures/vehicles. I now wish I had never sold them.

Many more years passed and last year, when the Saga was released on BluRay, I preordered it and got a Vintage Collection Boba Fett in Prototype Armour as bonus. I was so excited by the look of the card that I started to search eBay for carded vintage figures, to be more precise for one of the figures I played with the most as a child, which was Leia in Boushh disguise. I found one for 70 Euro and to be honest I thought that all carded vintage Star Wars figures would sell for much higher prices. When I picked up the Boushh from the seller I told him that I only wanted to get like 4-5 carded figures and nothing more. He laughed at me and now I know why. In one year I managed to acquire so much stuff, most of them production items, but also some pre production items and ratities.

I created this blog to share some of my enthusiasm, share the joy of adding new stuff to my collection, showing you some of my rarities and writing about things I learn while I get along. So if you’re not in the hobby for a long time you might actually learn a thing or two by reading my articles. 🙂

I hope you enjoy.

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