Below is a pic of my current pile of gems. At least this is what I think about it. I know many of you would rather consider it a pile of junk (and that feeling’s not limited to non-collectors only. ;)). Anyhow, I like every single bit of it. I’m talking about unpainted/fully painted/partially painted Lili Ledy overstock items. So far I have acquired 5 lots of items, a total of 184 parts (only counting single parts, not those of complete figures – until now have 4 complete unpainted non-sonic welded figures: C-3PO, AT-ST Driver, Nien Nunb and 8D8).

Currently looking for Leia Boushh arms and legs and an unpainted helmet in hopes to have a complete unpainted Boushh one day.
I especially like the completely unpainted heads. So far I have:

– Weequay
– Lando Skiff
– Bespin Luke
– Endor Han
– Jedi Luke
– Leia Boushh
– B-Wing Pilot
– Rancor Keeper
– Zuckuss
– Rebel Soldier
– Biker Scout
– Emperor
– Ben Kenobi
– Hoth Luke
– Imperial Commander
– Endor Leia
– Bib Fortuna

As always, thanks for looking and hope you celebrated the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi this weekend. 🙂

Ein Gedanke an “A pile of junk to some, a pile of gems to me. :)

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