Hey folks,
it’s a new day and it’s also a good day because I have something new to add to my collection. 🙂

First is a nice and mint looking Imperial Gunner:

Wow, look at those insignias. 🙂 They make up for the legs, which are a bit (not too much) loose.

The second item may be small and may look like it’s nothing special, but it is. At least it was hard to acquire one, I have been looking for one for more than half a year. Taught me a lesson to never buy a figure from the Droids line again without the correct blaster, if it’s different from the Star Wars line weapons.

Take a look at the pic below: The blaster on top is the correct blaster for a Jann Tosh figure from the Droids line. For comparison, I included the IG-88 rifle in the shot. Jann Tosh’s blaster was cast from the same mold, but it is cast in black plastic, not in blue.

If you would like to check my Droids line collection, click >here<.

Thanks for looking.