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I never liked Squidhead as a kid, but I have grown on him in the past year. Just a couple of weeks ago I decided to find as many cape variations as I can get. Squid Head cape variations is a controverse topic, as many believe that some of the ‚rarer‘ ones are in fact discolorations or maybe fake. There are a few ‚confirmed‘ variations though. Unconfirmed ones are those that have until today not surfaced as carded or bagged examples. But is the fact that they have not been found on cards or in bags proof enough that they are not ‚legit‘? Maybe these are samples sent out to Kenner/Ledy/… to decide which fabric/colors to use for the capes? What is your opinion?

Below are my 2 latest Squid Heads.

Sadly I was not able to capture the colors correctly, no matter how hard I tried, trouble being the bad lighting in the room I take the pics. The left one looks more orange in the pic than it is in person, it is more a camel tone. I personally believe that this one is a legit cape. The right one is a common Kenner cape for comparrison (and actually it looks darker than in person…). The left cape is also a little longer than the right one.

Next up is a new Lando Skiff Guard for my ever growing collection of Lando Skiff Guards.


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