My Star Wars autographs


Celebration Europe II (acquired in person, in the order I aquired them)
A little more details about them can be found in this blog post:

001-Paul Blake-Greedo002-Amy Allen-Aayla Secura003-Michael Carter-Bib Fortuna004-Femi Talyor-Oola005-Tim Dry-Tooth Face006-Mike Edmonds-Logray007-Mike Edmonds-Ugnaught008-John Morton-Boba Fett009-John Morton-Dak Ralter010-Dickey Beer-Gamorrean Guard011-Dickey Beer-Biker Scout012-Dickey Beer-Barada013-Dickey Beer-Boba Fett014 and 015-Daniel Logan and Temura Morrison-Boba and Jango Fett016-Peter Mayhew-Chewbacca017-Kenny Baker-Paploo018-Kenny Baker-R2-D2019-Jeremy Bulloch-Boba Fett020-Mark Hamill-Luke Skywalker021-Anthony Daniels-C-3PO022-Carrie Fisher-Priness Leia023-Ian McDiarmid-Emperor Palpatine024-Gerald Home-Tessek025-Tim Rose-Admiral Ackbar026-Ashley Eckstein-Ahsoka Tano027-Sean Crawford-Yak Face028-Simon Williamson-Gamorrean Guard

Celebration Europe II (not acquired in person, but from trusted friends who volunteered for OfficialPix or from Official Pix directly)

029-Simon Williamson-Max Rebo030-John Coppinger-Jabba Sculptor031-Tim Rose-Admiral Ackbar032-Tim Rose-Sy Snootles033-Temuera Morrison-Commander Cody034-Temuera Morrison-Jango Fett035-Daniel Logan-Boba Fett (Clone Wars)036-Daniel Logan-Boba Fett037-Ben Burtt-Sound Designer038-Ben Burtt-Colonel Dyer039-Gerald Home-Mon Calamari Officer040-Mark Hamill-Luke Skywalker041-Carrie Fisher-Princess Leia042-Ian McDiarmid-Emperor Palpatine043-Anthony Daniels-C-3PO044-Temuera Morrison-Commander Appo045-Toby Philpott-Jabba Puppeteer046-Jeremy Bulloch-Boba Fett047-Jeremy Bulloch-Captain Colton048-Tim Rose-Salacious Crumb049-Gerald Home-Mon Calamari050-Warwick Davis-Wicket051-Anthony Daniels-CZ-3

001-Brian Muir-Darth Vader Sculptor002-David Acord-Voice of EV-9D9 (Clone Wars)003-anthony daniels-c-3po004-Tom Kane-Voice of Yoda005-Ben Burtt-Sound Designer006-Katie Purvis-Maternal Ewok007-Trevor Butterfield-Bossk008-Paul Blake-Greedo009-Gerald Home-Tessek010-Carrie Fisher-Princess Leia as Boushh011-Mary Oyaya-Luminara Unduli012-Shannon McRandle-Mara Jade013-Lily Nyamwasa-Stass Allie014-Matthew Wood-General Grievous015-Catherine Taber-Padme Amidala (Clone Wars)016-Bai Ling-Senator Bana Breemu017-Warwick Davis-Wicket018a-Warwick Davis-Multiple (front)018b-Warwick Davis-Multiple (back)

020-Richard Oldfield-Derek Klivian

The above is an autograph by Richard Oldfield, who portrayed Derek Klivian. More info about the auto here:

021-Ron Perlman-Gha Nachkt

Nice Ron Perlman auto. He voiced Gha Nachkt. More info about the auto here:

022-Katee Sackhoff-Bo-Katan

Katee Sackhoff autograph. She voiced Bo-Katan. More info about the auto here:

024-Shannon McRandle-Arica

Shannon McRandle as Arica. More about the autograph here:

025-Tracey Eddon-Rebel Commando

Tracey Eddon as Rebel Commando. More about the autograph here:

026-Kamay Lau-Sei Taria

Kamay Lau as Sei Taria. More about the autograph here:

027-Benedict Taylor-Porro Dolphe

Benedict Taylor as Porro Dolphe. More about the autograph here:

028-Garrick Hagon-Biggs Darklighter

Garrick Hagon as Biggs Darklighter. More about the autograph here:

029-Phil Brown-Uncle Owen Lars

Phil Brown as Uncle Owen Lars. More about the autograph here:

030-Bruce Boa-General Carlist Rieekan

Bruce Boa as General Carlist Rieekan. More about the autograph here:

031-Sam Witwer-Starkiller

Sam Witwer as Starkiller. More about the autograph here:

032-Adrienne Wilkinson

Adrienne Wilkinson. More about the autograph here:

033-Adrienne Wilkinson-Maris Brood

Adrienne Wilkinson as Maris Brood. More about the autograph here:

034-Adrienne Wilkinson-Daughter

Adrienne Wilkinson as Daughter. More about the autograph here:

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