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Once I wanted to bring together detailled information about any Anime TV series to you on this blog. But it proved to be very time consuming and I figured that there are many other blogs/websites available with the same goal that already had big databases with information. Then this blog was home of an installation guide of Mac OS X on a Samsung NC10 netbook. I recently have sold my NC10 and the guide was already over 2 years old, so I have removed it.

Flashback a couple of years into the past: 2004 I found my passion in photography. My first DSLR was a Canon 350D with some cheap lenses. My current equipment can be found if you click HERE.

End of 2011 I (re-)started to collect vintage Star Wars Kenner toys.

Beginning of 2012 I thought about combining these 2 hobbies. And this is what this blog is about now, bringing some of my photographies and latest acquisitions to you.

My dream: Create and distribute a photo book with my photographies. But I’d have to find out about licensing stuff first.


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