What is one of the most sought after – if not THE most sought-after – vintage Star Wars prototype figure? It has to be the Boba Fett Kenner promised a bunch of kids back in the days which they finally got, but not quite how there were told by Kenner. For those who don’t know, Boba Fett was supposed to come with a rocket firing feature. A few of these are actually out there but in collectors hands. One rarely comes up for sale and if it does be sure to sell your car or your car and your TV, Blu Ray Player, iMac, … if you seriously consider to buy it. So an alternative to getting the closest thing to the real deal is to get a custom. I recently bought one made by a guy who is known in the scene by the name of „Poon“. Since he made shockingly good Stormtrooper bootlegs he is not so welcome in the scene I guess. But I am glad he made this.

SW00114 01 #LF# [No COO] !Custom J-Slot Prototype-Poon-Weapon possibly repro! ?Boba Fett?SW00114 02

His limbs have a rubberish feel to them as well as the hands. Making Boba hold the blaster is a pain in the a**. But on display, this custom kicks the latter! 😉

Next up is a Squid Head prototype custom. If you don’t know what the prototype Squid Head looks like, please take a closer look at the following 35 mm slide [and btw, the Jabba is a prototype too]:


See the Squid Head with his black cape and golden belt? Btw, you can even see this prototype Squid Head on the production box! This figure is what inspired Commander Clint from imperialgunneryforum.com to make the following figure, which is now in my possession:

 SW00113 01 #LF# [Hong Kong] !Custom Prototype-Repro Blaster! ?Squid Head?SW00113 02

This looks fantastic on display and a custom is the closest thing to the real deal one will ever be able to have as to my knowledge no legit copy has ever surfaced so far.
It sports a repro blaster, but since it is a custom anyhow, I don’t care too much.

Ein Gedanke an “2 super rare Prototypes and they’re mine – well, OK, I admit it, they’re custom – but still hot. :P

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